2014 Oscars

oscars2014selfieI had undoubtedly the best time watching the Oscars last night. Ellen DeGeneres was so funny. I loved the pizza gag. We actually had to look up “Liza Minelli look-alike” to find out that that really WAS her…oh the comments around the sofa!!

But, of course, the biggest non-award news of the night was the selfie craze that crashed Twitter! The picture on this page show me in the selfie!! Did you see it? It’s not too hard to pick out. You can do it, too. Just find a picture of yourself, or take a new one, and go to this website: http://www.urturn.com/documents/C60EE8F1-7070-0001-9FDB-DCA51A62E1A0?pretty=true  The directions are pretty simple and it’s just too much fun.

I just have one burning question. This year, and last year, there was a definite lack of necklaces worn by the stars. Are there any fashionistas out there that can help me out here? What’s up with that?

PS: I promise a post with more meat in it next week!!