When to replace your makeup

You know you’ve done it—we’re talking about using a makeup product that’s way past its recommended replacement time. After all, you shelled out major dough for that mascara, so why… Read more »

How do you do it?

So, Fran, what do YOU do to keep looking so young? People are always surprised to learn that I am 66 years old. So here’s my story. I learned early… Read more »

Better Skin Starts NOW!

History In 1963, the year Mary Kay Ash started her business, there was the Basic Treatment Set. It contained a five-step system that included a foundation. Yes, foundation is part… Read more »

Only 20% ??

“My whole family has tons of wrinkles!” Of all the things that affect your skin’s aging process, heredity accounts for only 20% !! Everything else you can control! UV Rays… Read more »

Wash Your Face

Probably the most puzzling thing I hear is that someone doesn’t wash their face twice a day. I have to hold myself back from saying “What? What are you thinking?”… Read more »

Wow! My Phone is Dirty!

This is a great article – good enough to share this week as we take time to be with family. Four Items to Clean Your Phone

What is Branding?

In addition to the services listed on this website, I also do marketing and promotional pieces:  brochures, e-ads, fliers and newsletters. In the next few weeks, I’ll share some tips… Read more »