Getting Started with Great Marketing Pieces

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marketing_puzzleNow that you have your logo and are establishing your brand, here are some tips for your marketing pieces.

Marketing Pieces are brochures, flyers, email and print ads, etc.

Use just two fonts: one plain and one fancy; or one serif and one non-serif. Any more than that and it starts to look non-professional.

If you are not sure what colors work well with your logo/brand, do an internet search to help you decide. Or hire a graphic designer.

Don’t be afraid of white space. If there are too many words, they won’t get read. Edit your piece, so you are using as few words as possible.

Proofread, then proofread again. If it’s an article, read it backwards: read the last paragraph, then the next to the last and so forth. Reading it backwards keeps you focused and helps you really concentrate on finding errors. Don’t rely 100% on your spell check.

Photos and graphics for print and website are not the same. For a good printed image, you need at least 600 dpi. When viewing it on your favorite electronic device, from desktop monitor to phone, you only need 72 dpi. Be sure you have both sizes, if the image you are using is to be used in your printed and electronic marketing. A 600 dpi image can pretty easily be scaled down, but you can rarely scale up for a good print image from a web image.


There is nothing wrong with duplicating content among your pieces, as long as it makes sense for the particular application.

Make sure you include a Call to Action. This can simply be “Call today for your free estimate.” Don’t just give information and assume people will call you.

When possible make sure the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How Much are included.

Gear the content to your customers. What’s in it for them? Avoid jargon they might not understand.

One last tip: to track how effective your efforts are, select a unique contact method for each marketing piece. For example, use a specific person’s name as a contact: “Contact Bill today” even if there is no Bill in your company, you simply say, “I’m sorry Bill is not in now, but how might I help you?”  That way you know which of your marketing pieces is working.