Happy Earth Day

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earth-dayAh! That’s why there was no post yesterday. Well yes, that – and I just got really busy!

I remember the very first Earth Day. Yes, I’m THAT old. At first I thought What? Then I started listening and reading more about what the day was about and was totally on board. I’ve tried to be earth-friendly ever since.

So here are some great Earth Day tips:

  • DON’T PRINT YOUR EMAILS! Seriously, unless you need to take it somewhere, or it’s a bill you need to file. If it’s something you need to take action on, just move it to a folder in your computer or cloud’s email program that you have labeled IMPORTANT or TAKE ACTION
  • To encourage recycling, the BEST thing I’ve seen is labeling your garbage can LANDFILL and your recycling – well, RECYCLING. Putting something in that landfill bin makes you pause.
  • Change light bulbs to the CFL. There are only 2 or 3 in our house NOT CFLs.
  • Use your garbage disposal or better yet, compost if you are able.
  • Take public transportation, bike (as in bicycle) or walk whenever you can.
  • Look for ENERGY STAR ratings on appliances when you buy them.
  • Conserve water with shorter showers and no more pre-washing dishes.
  • And of course you are already using your own shopping bags, right?
  • For more ideas visit the EPA site: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/tips.htm

What is your favorite?