Here’s Your Website New Year Check List

As you head into 2014, don’t forget to take a look at your website and update it.

  • Start with the date. Update your copyright date. Make sure your calendar of events is updated for the new year. Archive old articles/blogs
  • Take a backup copy of your website. Not only is this a great safeguard, it gives you a history of your website. The frequency of your backup is determined by how often you update your site. Hopefully, you are updating something on your site at least every month (to increase SEO). In that case, a quarterly backup is sufficient. If you update once a week, do a monthly backup. Once a day would mean a weekly backup, etc. If you are updating your website less frequently than once a month, consider adding a regular (weekly or monthly) blog. Fresher sites get higher search results.
  • Review your contact information. Is everyone still there? Are their phone numbers current? Phone extensions? Consider adding a photo of everyone, if you don’t already.
  • Check to make sure all your links are valid, especially external links (those linking to outside sites).
  • Have you had your eye on a new domain name or extension? Now is the time to see if it is available.
  • Review the website itself. Is content still relevant? Did you miss a grammar error last year? Does the design still reflect your company image?
  • Check your website statistics. See how last year compared to previous years. Is it now time to see what steps you can take to increase traffic to your website? Are your meta tags (description, keywords, title) reflecting current business practices? Maybe last year you added a service or product and it needs to be added to your keyword list.

Here’s to a remarkable 2014!