IT Support

wp_it_supportKeeping your office running smoothly is an important part of keeping your company operating at its best. You and your employees will have a hard time being pleasant to each other and your customers if your office technology is constantly calling attention to itself!

Strohm Consulting provides small companies with superior service in IT support. Our fees are very reasonable. Contact us for a 1 hour FREE consultation.

IT for Small Business and Home

The biggest headache for any size business is when the IT (information technology) breaks down. Large businesses have IT departments to help, but what does a small business or a homeowner do? If they’re smart, they’ll contact Strohm Consulting. We have the expertise to:

  • trouble shoot slow computers
  • provide easy, reliable, low-cost data backup
  • install networks (among multiple computers and printers)
  • advise on audio equipment

We can help you network your computers with other office equipment to make sure you have an efficient work environment. We also provide off-site critical data storage, whether it’s your financial and customer information or your precious family photos. We can usually solve any problem relating to converting a document or graphic to a format that will help you reach your goal. We also can recommend protection software: anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-adware, etc., most of which is FREE!

It costs nothing to contact us with a question. If we can help, we’ll let you know about how much we think it will cost.

Contact us today to arrange for your 1 hour FREE consultation.

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