Only 20% ??

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“My whole family has tons of wrinkles!”

Of all the things that affect your skin’s aging process, heredity accounts for only 20% !!

Everything else you can control!

UV Rays

It’s no secret that UV rays cause premature skin aging. What you may not know is that it is the #1 cause! Daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen can go a long way toward younger looking skin. If you don’t like the feel of the higher SPF products, use one with a lower number and keep covered while you are exposed to the sun. Remember, the sun reflects off light colored surfaces (sand & concrete), so protect yourself even if you are under an umbrella or tent.


Smoking, stress, sleep loss, diet, excessive alcohol and other factors can contribute to skin aging by triggering a cascade of age-accelerating free radicals on skin that overwhelms its natural defenses. Antioxidants help to gather up those free radicals! So stop smoking, grab your yoga mat, get your zzzz’s, watch what you eat and drink, and use a great skin care regimen.


Air pollution can come from industrial facilities, car exhaust, forest fires, even cow by-products (manure)!! It’s not something you can always see, but your skin certainly reacts to it. Twice daily cleansing goes a long way to counteract pollution’s affect on your skin. Wash off dirt at night, wash off dead skin (caused by the natural restorative process overnight) in the morning. Use a foundation during the day to put a buffer between pollution and your skin.