Something is Wrong With My Browser

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ogden_nash_incompatible_quoteI’m sitting at my desk this morning on yet ANOTHER snow day due to sub-zero temperatures outside. Although the snow day is not a particular problem for me, the kids are grown and dealing with their own snow day issues, and I work at home. BUT I am having trouble reaching people this morning. So I did whatever any bored worker does – log in to Facebook. But it’s down!!! Then I got to thinking about our latest customer’s issue…her browser wasn’t displaying pages the way she expected. So, I thought I would give some helpful tips about that.

When a web designer is coding a site (composing the site in a language that the browser can interpret), they will use the most current version to make sure they are compliant with the newest standards. However, as time passes, the standards change. To rewrite the entire site to keep current is an undertaking most companies can not afford. That’s usually not a problem until a couple years pass.

When a website is old, it may contain coding that is no longer supported by the current browser. You may see pictures that are broken up or buttons that don’t work. If you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE), you can switch to Compatibility Mode and see if that helps. Compatibility Mode makes the browser act like its older version, possibly the version the site was originally written under. To find Compatibility Mode, note the version of IE you are using and Google “Compatibility Mode for IE 10” (or whatever version you have). Same thing holds true for other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.)

If that doesn’t work, you may have something else wrong. First try to clear your cache and cookies. NOTE: clearing cache and cookies will remove stored logins to your sites where you’ve asked to be kept logged in. Again, Google “clear cache in [your current browser and version]” for instructions.

If that doesn’t work, you may have a virus of some kind. You should probably take it to your favorite techy…Strohm Consulting perhaps??

Oh, and if you want to know if your favorite website is down or not, try this website: They list several popular site and report known issues.