Spring Cleaning for Your Technology: Part 2 of 4

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clean_purgeLast week I started a four-part series about spring cleaning for your technology. That article highlighted ways to organize your files.

Now that you have them organized, here’s the next step: Clean and Purge

After you have all your files organized, write them to a storage device to back them up. For backup options, read this blog. Then delete old or obsolete files from your PC.

Clean your keyboard, printer, fax and other equipment. Electronics are delicate, so you need to be careful what you use. Compressed air is great for keyboards and hard to reach areas.

Use a special cleaner and microfiber cloth for monitors and touch pad surfaces (phones & tablets). Don’t use your regular household cleaners for these surfaces.

When in doubt, look at your owner’s manual/instruction booklet or do an internet search for “the best way to clean [your device]”

Review your phone apps. Find the ones you no longer use and delete them. Arrange them on your phone in a way that makes sense. I have my games on one screen, my social media on one screen, my mail, calendar and contacts on one screen, etc.

Update software you use regularly, delete software you no longer use. Usually programs and apps send update messages when they are available. Most are free. If you find you need a paid upgrade, those can be tax write-offs; check with your tax professional.

What other suggestions do you have?