Spring Cleaning for Your Technology: Part 3 of 4

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malware_protectionSo far, we’ve had three installments of a four-part series about spring cleaning for your technology. Week one highlighted ways to organize your files. Last week was the clean and purge step.

Now that you have your files organized, and cleaned up here’s the next step: Update your protection software and run it.

You should have both virus protection software and malware protection. They should both be updated regularly and run periodically. Usually paid versions do that automatically, the unpaid versions rely on you remembering – that’s ok, just create a reminder for yourself.

Review your passwords. You already know that it’s a bad idea to have the same password for everything. Even rotating through two or three is not a good idea. Here’s a great way to customize your password for each site you visit. Plan to change this each year. If you keep it written down on a piece of paper, it’s virtually impossible for a hacker to get it.

Choose a phrase — This one time at band camp

  • Change words to numbers — This 1 time at band camp
  • Pick first letter of each word or number — T1TABC
  • Add special characters — T1T@BC
  • Customize by adding a suffix for each site you register with — (example: for Amazon) T1T@BCAMA

If you’ve EVER panicked over misplacing your phone, be sure your home screen is password protected.