Wash Your Face

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Probably the most puzzling thing I hear is that someone doesn’t wash their face twice a day. I have to hold myself back from saying “What? What are you thinking?”

So, if you are one of those people who don’t, or maybe you are one who does and people don’t understand your “compulsion” here’s why!

Washing your face can help prevent acne breakouts, improve skin health and texture.

Wash your face at night.

Washing your face at night should be a priority for caring for your skin, even if you don’t wear makeup. During the day, natural oils and sweat accumulate on your skin, as well as dust, dirt, and pollution. Not removing all that gunk can cause skin irritation, and makes your body work even harder at night during it’s renewal process.

Wash your face in the morning.

During the night, your body’s normal process is to regenerate skin cells. That means it makes new, fresh skin cells and pushes dead skin to the surface. Then you have the bacteria from your saliva and oils from your hair that get transferred to your face as you sleep. All of that needs to be washed away! Lastly, when you wash all that off your face, the skin care products you use in the morning are better absorbed.

Getting the most from your twice-daily face washing

You now know the benefits of washing. Here are some additional tips to get the most from your twice-daily regimen:

  • Use warm (NOT hot) water. Hot water strips skin of the necessary oil barrier that help protect your skin. It will make it dry out faster and can cause it to be itchy and flaky over time. Use warm water instead.
  • Use a separate makeup remover for waterproof makeup. Most cleansers will not remove waterproof makeup thoroughly. Use this before you wash your face so you can wash away any residue, or at least rinse one more time after you’ve used it.
  • Use a makeup wipe prior to washing your face. Although, these cloths can be a real convenience, then can leave behind a residue. So if you’re using one at the gym, be sure to wash again when you get home.
  • Use a cleanser for your skin type. Read the labels carefully, or ask your consultant for a recommendation. For in-between skin types, you may need to use different formulas for cleansing and moisturizing. A general rule-of-thumb is, your skin should feel great 10 minutes after you wash and moisturize, not dry or oily.
  • Don’t use bar soap. Unless it is a bar specifically for faces. Body bars have cleansers that strip the natural hydrators from your skin and can be too harsh for your face.
  • Change your washcloth and towel often. Using a washcloth is a good thing – it helps with exfoliation (removing the dead skin). But change it, and your towel, often to keep bacteria in check as well as mold in warm, humid climates.